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“You Can Rely On Our Aesthetic Expertise”…

…to design your new gardens, update the existing ones, or develop a Master Plan for the entire property.

At Designs By The Yard in Victoria we have the experience and desire to create beautiful outdoor spaces… and would love to design your landscape paradise.

Whether you’re looking to create stunning waterfalls, an entertaining oasis or simply upgrade your existing design….. we’re here to help.

A well designed landscape not only enhances the way you and others look at your home, it reduces maintenance and substantially increases it’s value.

We translate your wants, needs and vision into a funtional and aesthetically pleasing landscape that will create beautiful usable space designed to suit you.

By carefully listening, examining your landscape and bringing ingenuity to the drafting table, you’ll experience an “ah-ha, that’s it!” moment.


“Create an eye catching entrance by bringing your style and personality outside”.

Getting Started

Consultation: Your garden transformation begins with a design consultation. Together, we’ll assess your property and come up with options that meet your goals, objectives, and budget. Don’t worry about what you don’t know about plans or plants! We’ll gladly brainstorm a design proposal with customised options to make the most of your outdoor space.

$60.00/hour minimum, then billed in 15 min intervals.